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Northern California Alpacas

MSA Hemingway’s Bogart
MSA Hemingway’s Bogart

A Man Among Men
Majestic's A Man Among Men

Northern California Alpacas

Colusa Riverside Alpaca Ranch is proud to offer alpaca sales and breeding with some of the most exemplary alpaca Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) fiber trait values in the nation. Our herdsires are all ranked in the top 1% and 2% of EPDs tracked by the Alpaca Owner's Association. Our herdsires ability to improve fiber traits in their offspring is better than 99% of all alpacas tested by AOA. We have been working hard over the past years to selectively breed and purchase alpacas to achieve notable EPDs that we can now offer to our customers. With a gifted EPD foundation herd, we have also been integrating world class density into these foundation alpacas.

Our renowned MSA HEMINGWAY’S BOGART and our newest herdsire addition of Majestic’s A Man Among Men, will be the genetic basis for our breeding program. Bogart, one of the last living sons of MSA Hemingway, is as potent as ever and AFD longevity at 22 microns is amazing.  A Man Among Men is one of the most elite-fibered alpacas in the nation.  His full brother, A Wanted Man was the high seller at the 2016 Futurity Auction. 


Expected Progeny Differences (EPD's)

EPDs will predict fiber trait outcomes in your offspring. EPDs are the gold standard of all livestock industries, EPD use in the alpaca industry will soon become the same gold standard. If you buy a herdsire from us, he will be in the top ranking in AOA’s EPD program. We hope you will consider EPDs and Colusa Riverside Alpacas in your breeding and purchase decisions.

EPD Details


Breeding for Industry Excellence

Colusa Riverside Alpacas continues to build a herd with unmatched personal and industry breed standards. We are committed to breeding practices to develop alpacas with superior histograms, Expected Progeny Differences, density and fiber fineness longevity. Colusa Riverside Alpacas continues to contribute to the body of knowledge of the alpaca for the benefit of all owners and the industry.

Dave Scroggins is a past Board Director of California Alpaca Breeders Association. Sheila has a special interest in researching and publishing information on health and illness in the alpaca. Sheila is a contributing author for the Camelid Quarterly and Alpaca Magazine. Sheila is a Nurse Practitioner and has a 30 year history as a Nursing Professor at a college in Northern California. She invites you to visit her web library (click here) and read her publications.

We welcome all visitors to our riverside alpaca ranch in California, and we enjoy being in the family of alpaca ranchers in the North State.




Colusa California map

Colusa Riverside Alpacas
David & Sheila Scroggins
4360 Indian Creek Rd. Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone: (916) 434-8394

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David and Sheila Scroggins
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